Cultivating community—prompting online discussions

speech bubbles

In a previous blog post I wrote about the educator’s online presence in discussion forums. This blog entry focuses on writing discussion prompts that cultivate distance learning students’ active learning. Active learning depends on students being both socially and cognitively present, so it’s important to develop an array of prompts… Read moreCultivating community—prompting online discussions

Cultivating community through online discussions

When teaching an online course, the discussion forum is often your primary connection with learners. Thoughtfully and actively managing the discussion forums can elevate the level of course conversations. Unlike the casual comments that might get tossed off in the classroom, students whose comments are evaluated in a forum are… Read moreCultivating community through online discussions

Academic integrity and ed-tech

One challenge that higher education faces is the thoughtful and ethical use of a burgeoning array of digital technologies. How do faculty and administrators assess tools developed in an exploding ed tech market, and what should their priorities be in implementing them? For instance, distance learning and research have introduced… Read moreAcademic integrity and ed-tech

Educational innovation lives in practice

Good educational practice cuts a channel for the free flow of ideas, life, and transformation through the muck of cynicism, indifference, and greed. As higher education programs increasingly leverage online and digital technologies, higher education leadership faces the challenge of meeting its promise of quality education. Numerous studies have demonstrated… Read moreEducational innovation lives in practice